What to do in Turrialba?



If you´re looking for adrenaline, rafting is the best thing to do! we have Pacuare River have a 4.5 level of difficulty (it varies, depending on the climate or the weather in the area. This tour lasts from 5 to 7 hours of pure adventure that you´ll enjoy all day.



Another adrenaline involving activity you can do here in Turrrialba, is Canopy. We have different levels of difficulty, from beginners and experimental people, to profesional certificate people. The beginner level has up to 6 meters to enjoy.



There is some horse-owning families that can rent you their horses so you can get an adventure tour in the terrain, you can feel the mountain and see what the rainforest in this unforgettable experience.



Turrialba is surrounded by a lot of waterfalls,16 in total. But only three have easy access, the access to the other ones is somewhat tricky. The best waterfall you can check in Turrialba is “La Muralla” with 86 m of height, of very cold water. The other one nearby is “Las Trillisas”, those are three waterfalls together. And the las one is “Aquiares”, with 36 m of height, at just 20min from the downtown Turrialba.

And if you’re not that interested in adrenaline, you can:


Turrialba has a lot of diversity, specially of birds that come to Costa Rica. The town has a different attitude, what causes that more than 500 birds come to Turrialba. There are several places were you can go bird sighting.


Visit La Marta, a hidden biological reserve that used to be a coffee plantation. It´s hidden inside the mountains, and the “Pejiballe” river passes across middle of the reserve, which makes it an interesting experience. It is the best place to stay, in the Turrialba area.


If you want to learn Spanish we have different places that you can check by your own, if you want start communicating well in our country.