If you are in Costa Rica and don´t know what to do during your visit, you can visit Turrialba.

Why visit Turrialba? Turrialba, is the 52% territory of Cartago, Costa Rica. This place is magical and if we check the history of the beginning of the town you´ll see and enjoy this magic.

A little about Turrialba History:

At the beginning, in the Turrialba area lived a lot of Indigenous people, who made ancient ruins older than Machupichu, in Peru. These indigenous people used the terrain for agriculture and hunting animals. When the Spanish came, down from the Pacure River, they fought for those lands. After that, the spanish started living in Turrialba, which meant high social status. Most of the people with money in that time, lived there for its beauty. They cultivated coffee, sugar, cocoa, etc.

Years later, something really important happens, the Jamaican King wants to colonize Costa Rica, so he sends pirates to conquer the country, he sends 800 hundred marines with pirates Manspheld y Morgan like captains. The Pirates came through the Pacific from the Limón province, and they got to Turrialba. This was the only town in the country to be conquered by pirates. They left because in Juan Viñas (small town close to Turrialba), a group of costarican people were waiting for them and they got scared.

Thanks to that, Turrialba disappears from the map for a while, until, a century later, when the president enforced a law that stated that if you didn’t work, or you were an unemployed musician/artist, you were sent to jail. So the president then decides to create a minor jail in Turrialba downtown, and also, donates a church, a school and a hospital for those who wanted to come here and and for those who wanted to be part of the society again. And for the musicians, he also founded the Turrialba´s band, that now has hundreds of years of existence. That’s the official date of the foundation of Turrialba.

Years later, when the port of Puntarenas and the port of Limón were created, they connected with the railroad. But for that connection, the rails passed through Turrialba downtown. But in those years, black and white people had different rooms, and black people from Limón couldn’t pass to San José. There was even a limit of black people who could be in Turrialba, so here you could find a hotel with rooms for black and for white people. Also, thanks to the railroad, lots of Italians, Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Chinese people came as workforce. And a lot of them died because of the insects and diseases of the area. There is even a special monument for them, the people who help construct the railroad.

Now a days, Turrialba isn’t very known, because, after the railroad, the government made more routes without considering it, ceasing to need both the railroad and Turrialba.